Portland Metro's Multifamily Investment Boom: 5% Down Payment Opportunity


In this exciting episode, Joe and Makayla dive deep into a game-changing real estate opportunity that's making waves in the market. They explore the new policy changes and discuss how you can invest in multifamily properties with just a 5% down payment. You'll discover the benefits, potential pitfalls, and the amazing properties available in the Portland Metro area. Plus, they reveal how this innovative approach can help you achieve your real estate goals.


Revolutionizing Multifamily Investments: The 5% Down Payment Game-Changer

Real estate's ever-changing landscape offers new investment horizons, and today, we're bringing you exclusive insights from Todd Gydesen, one of our trusted mortgage brokers. We talked to Todd to get the lowdown on a policy shift that's turning heads in Portland Metro. The game-changer? A 5% down payment policy for multifamily properties, including duplexes, triplexes, and fourplexes, starting November 18th.

In the past, high down payments, usually 15% to 25%, have been a hurdle. But with this new policy, the door is wide open for first-time buyers, seasoned investors, and anyone seeking homes for generational living. Fannie Mae is also set to raise loan amounts, though details are still under wraps.

What this looks like for YOU: Your Path to Affordable Homeownership

Owning a home while offsetting your mortgage costs might sound too good to be true, but multifamily living in Portland Metro is making it a reality. Here's how this significant policy change can benefit you.

Multifamily living allows you to reside in one unit of your property while renting out others. The rental income from these additional units can substantially reduce your mortgage expenses, making homeownership more attainable than ever.

This opportunity isn't just for seasoned investors. Whether you're a first-time homebuyer or someone looking for a home that supports generational living, multifamily properties offer a unique way to enhance your financial situation. In fact, multifamily living can be the key to achieving financial freedom.

Live in Property for at Least Two Years, Then Make It a Full Investment

A tried-and-true strategy for multifamily property owners is explored in this part of the episode. By living in a multifamily property for at least two years, you can transition it into a full-fledged investment. This clever tactic allows you to harness the equity you've built to purchase your next home, potentially launching a cycle of investment and growth.

Current Multifamily Inventory in Portland Metro

For those considering investing in multifamily properties, this episode provides an in-depth look at the current inventory available in the Portland Metro area. It's not a comprehensive property listing, but it offers valuable insights, such as the number of active multifamily homes in different areas. Whether you're looking in Washington County, Multnomah County, or Clackamas County, this segment provides an overview of what's on the market.

Here are the currently available multifamily properties under $750,000 in Portland Metro:

You could be earning $2,200 in rent from one of these multifamily properties. How would it feel if that rental income made owning your own home more comfortable?

Golden Nugget / Off-the-Record Truth About Buying Real Estate Right Now

Gain valuable insights into the current real estate market, including opportunities for negotiation, getting closing costs covered, and securing lower interest rates.

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