2023 Real Estate Roundup: Shifting Tides, New Opportunities, and Year-End Insights

Join Joe and Makayla on this special year-end episode of "Off the Record Talking Real Estate." Discover the ups and downs of the Portland real estate market in 2023, explore the changing trends, and gain insights into what lies ahead. From declining sales to a potential market shift, they delve into the numbers, share expert opinions, and offer valuable advice for buyers and sellers considering their next move.
Episode Highlights:
  • Joe and Makayla reflect on the past year's real estate dynamics and the holiday season.
  • Market Update: Dive into recent statistics, pendings, and closed sales, analyzing the current market's shift from a seller's market to a more balanced landscape.
  • Understanding the impact of declining pending sales and closed sales month over month.
  • Insight into buyer fatigue, challenges in finding the perfect home, and the impact of affordability concerns.
  • Positive news: A dip in interest rates might signal a favorable time for potential buyers.
  • Expert advice on financing options, the importance of understanding your buying power, and exploring opportunities amidst market changes.
  • The potential outlook for the real estate industry, predictions, and signs pointing towards a shift in market dynamics.
  • Tips for sellers: Preparing your home, understanding what updates might make a difference, and leveraging the current market conditions.
  • Closing thoughts: Joe and Makayla express gratitude for the listeners' support throughout the year and invite audience suggestions for future topics.
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