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5 Ways to Prepare Your Home Exterior for the SPRING!

Makayla Treloar

 Makayla graduated from Portland State University with a Bachelor's of Science in Health Administration...

 Makayla graduated from Portland State University with a Bachelor's of Science in Health Administration...

Apr 8 2 minutes read

1. Say NO to the MOSS!

Since we are entering into a humid, and wet spring - it is crucial to be proactive with the growing moss on your roof. Contact a local licensed professional to have some moss treatment applied. Applying moss treatment BEFORE there is moss will protect your roof and SAVE you money down the line.

2. Plant Flowers!

Did you know that planting flowers around your home does more than adding to your home’s curb appeal? It has been proven to increase your mood, and decrease stress. You can plant some flowers for as little as $10, and watch your home turn into an oasis this spring.

3. Check your Rain Gutters!

Since the Portland snow-storm in February, there has been a huge increase in weather damage to gutters. Snow and debris can cause gutters to bend, or pull away from the house. Having gutters in poor condition can cause water to damage your siding - or even worse - leak into your home - which could cost your thousands in repairs. Not sure about the condition of your gutters? We suggest contacting a local gutter expert if you’re concerned.

4. Clean those Windows!

When the sunshine pours in this spring, you’ll become brutally aware of the gunk that has collected on your windows. Take some window-cleaner to the glass, dust off the screens, and make sure to scrub those black window tracks.

5. It’s time - get rid of that grime and mildew from this harsh winter.

Spruce up your exterior by pressure-washing your driveway, entry way, side-walk, and fence. Don’t have a pressure-washer? Good news - you can RENT one from your local Home Depot or Lowes!

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