Coastal Dreams and Salty Air: Exploring Oregon Coast Real Estate!

Join Joe and Makayla as they take you on a captivating journey through the enchanting world of Oregon Coast real estate. With their passion for the coast and its mesmerizing charm, they explore the joys of owning a beach property and the unique experiences it offers. From breathtaking sunsets to cozy beachfront mornings, you'll learn what makes beach homes so special and discover the hidden gems of the Oregon Coast.
Episode Highlights:
 1.    What's to Love About Beach Properties? Joe and Makayla share their personal love for the beach and how it has become their happy place. They discuss the allure of beachfront properties and the dual benefits of owning a vacation home and turning it into an investment property.
 2.    Weather and Maintenance: The duo delves into the realities of coastal weather and its impact on property maintenance. They touch on the challenges of maintaining homes in a coastal environment and the importance of choosing the right materials and contractors.
 3.    Navigating Towns on the Oregon Coast: Explore the charming towns along the North coast of Oregon, from Pacific City to Gearhart. Learn about the unique characteristics and attractions of each town, making it easier for you to decide on the perfect coastal destination.
Pacific City
Pacific City: Where Dunes and Dreams Collide!
Welcome to Pacific City, where adventure and beauty meet at the breathtaking Cape Kiwanda State Natural Area. Joe and Makayla take you on a virtual tour of this charming coastal town, sharing their favorite spots and insider tips. The iconic dune hike at Cape Kiwanda promises stunning views and an invigorating workout, but Joe's clever "patio hack" offers an equally rewarding experience without breaking a sweat.
With a small-town feel and picturesque ocean drive, Pacific City boasts a unique charm reminiscent of the famed Malibu. The local dory boats add to the town's allure, offering a glimpse into the traditional art of dory fishing. If you love hiking and awe-inspiring vistas, Pacific City is an absolute must-visit destination.
As for real estate, Pacific City presents an array of options, with 19 homes currently on the market, including some fantastic choices under $600,000. Although the market has experienced a slowdown, average sale prices remain steady at $713,000. So, whether you're seeking a serene beach retreat or a thrilling investment opportunity, Pacific City is the place where dunes and dreams collide.
Rockaway: Serene Shores and Affordable Joys of the Oregon Coast
Discover the coastal gem of Rockaway, where tranquility and natural beauty await you at every turn. In our latest episode, Joe and Makayla embark on an exciting adventure through this charming town, revealing its captivating wonders and real estate opportunities.
Rockaway boasts secluded and serene beaches, offering a haven of peace and solitude for beach enthusiasts. Here, you can frolic in the gentle waves without getting tossed around, making it a dream come true for anyone seeking a relaxing beach getaway. 
One of Rockaway's most cherished attractions is the beach train—a delightful throwback to a bygone era. This nostalgic ride offers passengers a chance to bask in breathtaking views of the coastline while basking in the charm of yesteryears.
Whale watching is a must-do activity in Rockaway, as these majestic creatures grace the shores with their presence. Witnessing their graceful movements against the backdrop of the ocean is an awe-inspiring experience that will stay with you forever.
But it's not just about scenic wonders—Rockaway's real estate scene is equally alluring. With a range of options, including 16 affordable properties under $600,000, it's a prime location to invest in your very own beach retreat. Don't wait too long, as the average sale price is on the rise, making this hidden haven all the more appealing.
Manzanita: Unveiling the Coastal Gem Where Dogs and Art Lovers Unite!
Get ready to be charmed by the laid-back allure of Manzanita - a coastal gem that never fails to captivate. Join Makayla and Joe on their exciting journey as they reveal the artistic haven of galleries and unique shops that dot the picturesque streets. Discover Joe's secret hack to enjoy the windswept beaches without the gusts, and don't miss the breathtaking drive along Highway 101, where every curve leads to stunning coastal panoramas.
But wait, there's more! Manzanita is a dog-friendly paradise, welcoming furry pals with open paws. Explore the pet-friendly rentals, shops, and warm-hearted locals that embrace four-legged friends.
Sure, Manzanita isn't the best-kept secret, but that doesn't make it any less magical! For those looking to invest in a coastal haven, real estate might require a bit of extra coin. Though not the cheapest spot around, the allure is irresistible, with properties commanding an average price of $927,000 - steady as a rock in the unpredictable market. Manzanita is a symphony of coastal magic, waiting to be explored. 
Cannon Beach: A Coastal Jewel with Hidden Charms!
 Get ready to fall in love with Cannon Beach, the crown jewel of the Oregon coast! This enchanting town lures visitors with its stunning views of the iconic Haystack Rock and a bustling downtown filled with charming shops and boutiques.
 Makayla can't get enough of Cannon Beach's beauty, and she's not alone. Tourists flock here from all over, making it the go-to destination for those seeking the quintessential beach town experience.
 But wait, there's more to this coastal gem! While some might find it crowded, Joe reveals a hidden side to Cannon Beach. Ever heard of Arch Cape, the nearby tucked-away treasure? Arch Cape offers the perfect escape from the crowds, with a private and serene beach that remains a well-kept secret.
 Now, let's talk real estate! While Cannon Beach is a dream destination, it comes at a premium price. With only 19 homes on the market, and just two below $900,000, this sought-after location has seen pending sales decline by almost 60%. Despite this, the average sale price has actually increased by 4%, reaching an impressive $1.05 million.
 High-end buyers are flocking to Cannon Beach, with many opting for financing to secure their dream beach homes. It's a testament to the town's magnetic allure and lasting charm.
Seaside: Embrace the Past, Seize the Future!
 Step back in time and embrace the rich history of Seaside, a coastal gem steeped in nostalgic charm. With its roots dating back to the late 1800s, Seaside boasts a captivating array of historic cottages and homes, each with a story to tell.
No visit to Seaside is complete without a stroll along the iconic "Prom," the picturesque promenade that beckons with its old-world allure. Lined with charming street lamps and offering breathtaking views, it's the perfect spot for leisurely walks and unforgettable sunsets.
But Seaside is much more than a historical retreat. It's a vibrant hub of events and activities, catering to every taste. Basketball tournaments, volleyball extravaganzas, and thrilling fishing adventures are just a taste of what awaits in this lively beach town.
As you explore Seaside's bustling downtown, you'll find an abundance of opportunities to enjoy its laid-back atmosphere and charming establishments. Whether you're savoring the caramel aroma of hot candy, relishing a beverage at the converted theater brewery, or exploring quirky arcades, there's something for everyone.
Dreaming of making Seaside your forever home? With 46 homes on the market and seven below $600,000, your beachfront aspirations can become a reality. While pending sales are slightly down, Seaside stands strong in the coastal real estate scene.
Gearhart: A Secluded Oasis of Coastal Relaxation!
 Buckle up and get ready for a drive to the last gem on the Oregon coast, and boy, is it a beauty! Gearhart might just steal your heart and become your ultimate coastal favorite.
A sleepy little town with a laid-back vibe, Gearhart invites you to slow down and savor the simple pleasures of life. With a couple of coffee shops, quaint bakeries, and a handful of delightful eateries, this town embodies the art of relaxation.
Calling all golf enthusiasts! Gearhart's stunning golf course is a golfer's paradise, offering breathtaking views and a cozy McMenamins Sand Trap Bar to unwind after a round. And watch out for the herds of deer casually strolling by; it's like a live nature show you won't want to miss!
Step back in time as you explore Gearhart's historic cottages and homes, some dating back to the 1800s. Although preserving these treasures comes with restrictions, the charm and character of these properties make it all worthwhile.
Now, let's talk real estate! With 26 homes on the market and eight below $800,000, Gearhart offers a variety of options to suit different preferences. While pending sales have dipped slightly, the average sale price is a jaw-dropping $900,000, with prices soaring up by 13% from last year.
Gearhart's secret to success lies in its strategic zoning for short-term rentals. Owning a home in the designated zone means you can pass along the short-term rental permit, making it an enticing prospect for property investors.
And speaking of beaches, Gearhart boasts some of the most picturesque white sandy shores, making it an ideal spot for those craving coastal tranquility.
 Whether you seek adventure, relaxation, or a little bit of both, the Oregon coast promises to deliver a beach experience like no other. 
Thank you for joining us on this thrilling coastal ride. We hope you've caught the coastal bug and are ready to dive into the magical world of Oregon's beaches. Stay tuned for more exciting episodes as we continue to bring you the best insights into the Pacific Northwest's most captivating destinations!

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