Getting to Know Joe and Makayla

In this episode, hosts Joe and Makayla introduce themselves and their backgrounds in the real estate business. They discuss how they got into the industry and share some of their craziest experiences as real estate brokers.
About Makayla: 0:00
 About Joe: 2:27
How Joe Got Into The Real Estate Business: 3:40
How Makayla Got Into The Real Estate Business:
Craziest Real Estate Experience: 9:20 
Future Podcasts: 16:42 
In this podcast episode, we shared a jaw-dropping story about a unique experience during a listing appointment. We mentioned a house with a massive collection of Cabbage Patch Kids that left us speechless. Well, as promised, we have some photos to share with you!
When we walked into the house, we were greeted by a sight we had never seen before. A pile of Cabbage Patch Kids that stood about 10 feet tall! The dolls covered a significant portion of the downstairs area, including the drop-down living room, fireplace, and family room. The sheer volume and height of the collection were overwhelming, and we couldn't help but be amazed.
We were able to capture some pictures of the incredible Cabbage Patch Kids collection, and you won't believe your eyes! The photos showcase the enormity of the collection, with dolls stacked almost two stories high in some areas. It was truly a sight to behold, and the pictures speak for themselves.
Cabbage Patch Kids   Cabbage Patch Kids
We were impressed by how dedicated the homeowners were to their collection, with an entire moving van dedicated solely to transporting the Cabbage Patch Kids to their new home. Despite the initial shock, the house eventually sold successfully, and the homeowners did well with their unique collection.
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