We recommend you interview a professional real estate broker at least 4-5 months before you want to (or have to) be in your new home.Finding a home can take 30-60 days and then closing the sale can take another 45-60 days. If needing to sell a home first before you buy, the recommended timeline is usually interviewing a broker at least 5-6 months in advance.

Finding the right professional broker for you will help you be comfortable with knowing who will be representing you in this important decision-making process. Setup a meeting either in person or over the phone with your broker to discuss the process. This will allow you to give them your criteria, discuss your overall wants/needs, and put together a strategy for getting your goals accomplished.

Before setting up any home visits it's always a good idea to have gotten pre-approved with your Mortgage Broker If you don't have one, your real estate broker should be able to recommend a couple to interview. Once you've found your trusted professional real estate broker and have gotten pre-approved, you're ready to find your new home.

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